Native Union Switch

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

  • ₦25,000.00

 Portable Bluetooth speaker, conference call device, and mobile power bank, SWITCH allows you to wirelessly enjoy hours of unmatched sound quality experience. Its award-winning, minimal design can be used horizontally or vertically, and blends perfectly into your interiors.

CONNECTIVITY;                                            BLUETOOTH WIRELESS

                                                                        USB PORT

BLUETOOTH RANGE;                                   10M

BATTERY                                                        IN-BUILT BATTERY

                                                                        IN-BUILT PWER BANK

BATTERY LIFE:                                              14HRS

SPEAKER;                                                      STEREO


FREQUENCY RESPONSE;                           96 Hz to 18.2 kHz, ±5.5 dB 0° on-                                                                               axis, ±4.1 dB 0° to 30° avg

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