DBX 166XL Compressor

DBX 166XL Compressor

2-Channel Compressor Limiter with Noise Gate

  • ₦25,000.00
  • Save ₦12,000

 The dbx 166XL Compressor/Gate provides two channels of noise gating, OverEasy or classic hard knee compression and PeakStop limiting to give complete control of signal dynamics to studios, sound reinforcement companies, musicians, or anyone who needs quality processing quickly and easily.

OverEasy/Hard Knee Selection
Allows selection between our famous OverEasy compression curve and the classic "Hard Knee" curve popularized by the original dbx 160, 161 and 162.

Expander/Gate Circuit
With variable release time and +15dBu maximum threshold.

Selectable Low Frequency Shelf (via Contour button) in the Sidechain Path
Recommended when compressing mixed program material to prevent low frequency energy from "punching holes" in the sound.

PeakStop Limiting
Provides control of maximum peak levels at the output of the 166XL regardless of any other control. PeakStop comes after the compression, gating and other circuitry including the output gain, so it sets an absolute limit for peak excursions before they reach the output.

True RMS Level Detection
Senses the power in the program in a musical manner, much as human hearing does, giving results superior to peak or average detection.

Hardwire System Bypass Buttons on both channels
Allow the audio to pass even if the unit is unplugged, and are also useful for comparing the processed and unprocessed signals.

Separate LED Displays
Separate precision LED displays for gain reduction, compression threshold and gate threshold allow quick, accurate setup.

Electronically Balanced XLR and 1/4" TRS Input and Output Jacks
Tip/Ring/Sleeve phone jacks and XLR-type jacks are wired in parallel; either input will accept an audio signal for processing by the 166XL.

Separate Sidechain Inserts
Enables an outboard processor or signal to control compression or gating.

DC-Controlled Parameters
The signal does not pass thru any of the parameter controls. Instead a DC voltage controls all functions; this eliminates any possibility of potentiometer noise developing over time.

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