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So I did a little research on the Nigerian slang "awoof" and guess what? I still wasn't able to find its origin (hehee), but I luckily stumbled upon this phrase "awoof dey run belle", cool. But there's one awoof I know of that has no purging effects, shall we?

Solace House Media is an audio production outfit that has consistently made concerted efforts over the years to diversify the Nigerian audio industry. You will see their footprints in popular music, movies, video games and even audio e-commerce in the likes of SHM Pro Audio. Apparently, they still want more diversity and have taken the bold step of creating their own Audio Sample Pack, something hardly seen in the Nigerian audio realm.

They went as far as sampling a vintage drum machine of the early 90's to capture it's rich and retro sounds so that today's producers can add that feel to their recent works. The Yamaha RY10 is a highly praised rhythm programmer, delivering thick sounds, ease of use and portability at the same time! The chances of you stumbling upon this rare beast in your nearby music store are slim, like May-D slim. What's worse, even if you did, the absence of midi outs make it almost impossible to link the drum machine to your FL Studio, Logic or any DAW workflow.

All hope is not lost though, a digitally sampled version of this groove box has been made available on the SHM Pro Audio  website and guess what, it's all free! As if to emphasize the freedom, it was also released on the same day Nigeria became free of our British colonialists, October 1.

The following are true about the sample pack:
It contains 241drum and percussion samples of the Yamaha RY10 recorded at 44.1 KHz (24-bit).
All samples were recorded at the highest level and accent of 7.
All samples are stereo wave files.
All samples were normalized.
Sample pack is 20.8 MB in size and in zip file. 
All samples were recorded at Solace House Media studios in Lagos.

Awoof indeed!

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