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 Growth is key to every establishment, like a parent expects his or her kids to advance in stature and maturity so are the expectations for any forward thinking enterprise. Humour me on this, a child with kwashiorkor grows too right? Right, but this kind of growth is seen as a condition because it's not holistic in nature, some parts are enlarged while others shrunken. That may not be the most graphically pleasing example to cite, but one thing is for sure, healthy growth is all encompassing.

The Nigerian Entertainment industry is a fast growing one, from artists being treated as riff-raffs, to commandeering huge crowd turn ups and becoming idols for a teeming youth desperately in search of hope. As practitioners in this industry, it is our duty to ensure this growth is "all encompassing" so everyone is carried along. We love our stars, but is there a place for the star makers? Is there a community where they can share ideas? Can they help each other ensure longevity in the profession they so love and that binds them together? Is there a niche for them to crack 'tech-ie' jokes only they can understand?

Audiophile Naija is a forum for pro audio users and audio enthusiasts who want a place to thrash out audio related issues and meet like-minded individuals. So be you an aspiring or established music producer, DJ,  sound engineer, instrumentalist or just an audio nut, this blog will inform and entertain you while also giving you the opportunity to contribute and be heard. 

Sound is powerful! It helps us interpret our surroundings, make split-second decisions and also express our deepest emotions in ways no other medium can. No wonder Hollywood spends so much on it, they know the sound is just as important as the picture the same way we know the pounded yam is just as important as the soup it goes with.

Embark on this journey with me, as we explore the 'soundscape' of our country Nigeria with the mind of fixing what is broken and supporting good development. 


Yours sincerely,

Chidi 'Yung Tite' Nnadi

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